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Practice of different room temperature curing at room tempera

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Practice of different room temperature curing at room tempera

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  Room temperature vulcanized siliconeRubber mixing practiceThe definition and classification
Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber mixing adhesive for general practice silicone rubber mixing practice of old varieties, it has many advantages, example: water resistant, resistant to ozone, arc resistance, corona resistance, weathering resistance and so on.Widely used in electrical and electronic components, therefore, filling and sealing materials, instruments and meters of moisture, shock, resistance to high and low temperature filling and sealing materials.Can also be used in the manufacture of mould for casting of polyester resin, epoxy resin and a low melting point alloy parts.Also can be used as a dental impression material.With methyl RTV silicone rubber coating on cotton, paper bags, can be used for conveying viscous items conveyor belt and bag.
Practice glue is divided into single component RTV silicone rubber mixing chamber mixed blending vulcanization silicone rubber vulcanization silicone rubber and two-component room, including one-component room, blending vulcanization silicone rubber is mainly used for making adhesives it high temperature resistant, non corrosive, often in the construction industry as a filler sealing materials;Room and two-component mixed vulcanization silicone rubber is mainly used for molding, due to its excellent performance and the liquidity and is used for bonding between metal and nonmetal.