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What are the market application value rubber mixing practice?

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What are the market application value rubber mixing practice?

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   Rubber mixing practiceIn a professional perspective refers to the agent and raw rubber evenly mixed together with professional machines and the mixture of main raw material is vinyl raw rubber, silicon dioxide, bridging agent, the structure control agent, coupling agent and so on many kinds of materials, production is necessary condition in high temperature.
Understand the production process of rubber mixing practice, then, what rubber mixing rubber market application value?
As a kind of special synthetic rubber, rubber mixing practice has many ordinary rubber not possessed unique and excellent performance, so it is in the aerospace, national defense, electronic electrical, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, building materials, health care, daily life, such as the national economy and other fields has been widely used.
With the rapid development of economy in our country in recent years, the synthesis of rubber mixing practice technology is more and more strong, falling cost, plus practice performance rubber products, rubber mixing wide range of USES, so the total output of rubber mixing rubber industry can has maintained a rapid development momentum.
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