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Silicone rubber mixing glue application and popularization of

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Silicone rubber mixing glue application and popularization of

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  siliconRubber mixing practiceThe application and popularization of field and TuiGuangDian
Silicone rubber mixing glue application
1. The electrical products industry
Keyboard (mobile phone keyboard, various types of electric remote control keyboard, computer keyboard).The basic components of the electronic product;Wire and cable;High voltage power transmission and distribution of insulation applications, such as insulator, lightning arrester, wear casing wall, cable accessories, switches and other components.
2. Miscellaneous pieces of industrial
Seal, oil seal, O ring, roller, insulation pipe.
3. The medical/civilian consumer goods
Pacifier, straws, swimming cap, goggles, sealing ring, nose pad, soft keys, and glasses inside the shoe pad and so on.
4. The auto industry
Spark plug sheath, the ignition cover, the exhaust fan shock absorber, the crankshaft seals, sealing in intake and exhaust system, electric control template seal, engine assembly, and various fittings all over the car body.
  Silicone rubber mixing rubberRecommended in fields
1. Miscellaneous pieces of industrial (seal, oil seal, O ring, roller, insulated tubing)
2. The processing type in extrusion molding (silicone wires, silicone tube, etc.)
Reason: 1) the products less affected by the line shrinkage rate.
2) the requirement for high production efficiency.
  Silicone rubber mixing rubberThe main TuiGuangDian products
1. Energy saving, consumption, it has a low temperature (120 ℃), fast curing, without secondary baking.
2. The sulfide - no need to add the curing agent.
3. The environmental protection, do not produce odors, does not produce harmful gas.
4. Cost - and currently used rubber price is almost the same cost pressure.