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How to identify the quality of the rubber shoes material

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How to identify the quality of the rubber shoes material

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  Rubber shoes materialIs a kind of material that is commonly used in shoemaking industry raw materials, choose different rubber material, also directly affect the quality of a pair of shoes.On how to identify the material of rubber, with several effective ways:
A, medium weight resistance experiment
First from the finished product sampling, soaked in the selected one or more of the following medium, a certain temperature time after weighing, according to the weight variation rate that sort of material hardness.In 100 oil soaked for 24 hours, for example, NBR, fluorine rubber, ECO, CR quality and hardness of the rate of change is very small, and NR, EPDM, SBR weight more than double and hardness change is very big, volume expansion is obvious.
Second, the hot air aging experiment
Rubber shoes material factory from the finished product sampling, in ageing oven aging day, observed after aging phenomenon.Aging can be hierarchical gradually heating up.NR and SBR CR, such as 150 degrees will be brittle fracture, NBR EPDM and elastic.Ordinary NBR rises to 180 degrees will be brittle fracture;HNBR and 230 degrees will be brittle fracture, fluorine rubber and silica gel still has good elasticity.
Three, combustion method
Can take a few samples of rubber shoes material factory in air to burn, and then observe the phenomenon.Generally, fluorine rubber, CR, CSM from fire since the interest rates, even burning flame is much smaller than general NR, EPDM.Of course, if you look carefully, combustion state, color, smell will also provide a lot of information for us.NBR/PVC and rubber, for example, when there is fire fire waves splash, there seems to be the water, from self-extinguishing fire, smoke concentration and acidity.It's important to note that sometimes add flame retardant but do not contain halogen glue will from self-extinguishing fire, this is to use other way further inferences.
Four, measure the proportion of
The density of the measured sample size.This need to prepare the said or analytical balance, its control precision to 0.01 grams.In general, the proportion of fluorine rubber, the biggest can reach more than 1.8, the density of CR, ECO mostly in 1.3 above, these are the rubber medium density is larger.
Five, the method of low temperature
Sampling from the finished product, use dry ice and alcohol making an appropriate low temperature environment.Soaked the sample 2-5 minutes in low temperature environment, feel soft and hard degree under the selected temperature.To 40 degrees, for example, the same high temperature oil resistant silicone and fluorine rubber, rubber shoes material factory silicone is more soft.