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Rubber mixing practice the problems facing today

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Rubber mixing practice the problems facing today

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  Today,Rubber mixing practiceThe problems facing with
1. The high-end products rely on imports
Auto parts in China every year a large number of imports of these high-performance fluorine rubber, high prices, and profits.At present, fluorine rubber industry in China has a general level products surplus, the phenomenon of high-end products rely on imports, fluorine rubber actual annual production capacity has exceeded the market demand.
2. Industry vicious competition
The industry due to technical and quality no substantial increase, the product price of vicious competition.Fluorine rubber newly built the denotative expansion of production capacity, single source of technology, the high performance special products, lack of key generic technology, applied research, the result will inevitably lead to a vicious competition of product prices.
3. The technical level lag behind
Although the fluorine rubber application in automobile industry accessories has achieved rapid development, the product quality with foreign product quickly narrow the gap, but in terms of product varieties, application, processing method and technological equipment is there exists a large gap, such as foreign fluorine rubber has more than 50 varieties, and domestic only more than 10 varieties.Especially high fluoride fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber at low temperature and direct resistance with peroxide vulcanizing analysing also only try products, fluorine rubber products such as partial fluorine ethylene rubber, fluorine rubber, don't need to prepare two period of vulcanization of fluorine rubber and high purity fluorine rubber has not been applied in the spare parts of auto industry in our country, there is no formal spare parts products.
4. The obstacle of the application has not been effective breakthrough
Limited by process technology, the obstacle of the application also failed to break through.At present, the domestic fluorine rubber mainly used for all kinds of miscellaneous pieces of sealing, the technical, quality, and to demand higher production efficiency crankshaft oil seal, fuel pipe and other products of the market are controlled by foreign giants, coupled with the auto industry recall system produced by the huge technology, cost, risk, making the original accessories market little direct use of domestic adhesive.
5. Needs to improve the evaluation system to fluorine rubber
The fluorine rubber standards or enterprise standards, not to form industry or national standards.
In some of these storage or equipment, rubber seals plays a very important role, rubber seal is one of the common base components in sealing device and the leakage and sealing plays very important role in this pair of contradictions.In the human conquest of nature in the process of solving the problem of leakage and seal.Has been to promote technology progress and important way to prevent and reduce the pollution of the environment.Rubber seal is widely used in sealing technology of rubber products.Because rubber has precious elastic polymer material, wide temperature range, giving smaller stress in different medium can produce large deformation, the deformation can provide contact pressure, leakage clearance compensation, achieve the purpose of sealing.May be we are some of the common seal parts rubber gasket, flange gaskets, rubber seal, rubber damping block, rubber o-rings, etc