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The types of rubber shoes material

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The types of rubber shoes material

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  Rubber shoes materialSort: rubber shoes material according to the raw materials can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber.According to the form into the massive raw rubber, latex, liquid rubber and rubber powder.Some latex for rubber gel;Oligomer liquid rubber for rubber, unvulcanized former general for sticky liquid;Powder rubber latex processing into powder, and ingredients and processing production.In the 1960 s the development of thermoplastic rubber, without chemical vulcanization, and use of thermoplastic processing method.Rubber shoes material in use is divided into general type and special type two kinds.
1, linear structure: the general structure of unvulcanized rubber.Due to the large molecular weight, under the action of external force, group that is fine.When the external force, removal of the external force, the degree of entanglement of the fine mass change, molecular chain rebound, a strong tendency of recovery, this is the origin of the high elastic rubber.
2, the structure of the branched chain: rubber macromolecular chain of the accumulation of the branched chain formed gel.Gel properties and processing of rubber., mixing with various compound area, often get in the gel forming local blank, the formation of the reinforcing and crosslinking, and become a weak part of the product.
3, crosslinking structure: linear molecules through some atoms or groups of atoms Bridges connected to each other, form a three-dimensional network structure.Along with the vulcanization process, continuously strengthen the structure.So, chain segments free ability to drop, plasticity and elongation decreased, strength, elasticity and hardness, compression permanent deformation and swelling degree drop.
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