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Introduce rubber shoes made of rubber shoes bottom smoke smok

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Introduce rubber shoes made of rubber shoes bottom smoke smok

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  Smoke, a kind of natural resin.Is a product the normal metabolism of plant tissue or secretions, often coexist in the secretion of plant cells and naphtha, resin canal or catheter, especially perennial woody plants of the heartwood catheter.
Raw materials directly take its secretions from the tree and cut juice, after deposition of solidification, and compressed into various shapes, stay when needed for further processing.After processed into shoes, according to its unique production process and color, named smoke rubber shoes.
Such plants grow more in subtropical monsoon and tropical rainforest climate areas, such as Thailand, the Philippines, hainan and other places, production is very limited, and vulnerable to environmental impact, belongs to the high cost of products.Smoke rubber shoes features: environmental protection and health.Raw material is pure natural resin, safe, no pollution, shock absorption slip;Softness, every step cushion the impact on the body;Natural hydrophilic, non-slip performance is good, light and comfortable;
Through professional processing, fine, each pair of shoes has perfect wearing comfort.The most special place is more through the comfort
At ordinary times dress, displayRubber shoes bottom smokeSmoke made of rubber shoes should pay attention to what aspects:
1, can't put in the place, shoot the light point-blank sunshine.When placed on display, pay special attention to.
2, should not be subjected to oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals.If you have come into contact with these chemicals should gently scraping clean.
3, overheating object can't long time contact, lest produce deformation.
4, don't smoke will be two pairs of the same with rubber shoes to sole directly by place, such a long time will be easy to stick together.
To maintain at ordinary times, should be with a soft brush to the surface of the shoe brush the dust off, and then use wet towel to wipe again, such basic clean clean, such as dry on the surface of the shoes, then placed in a cool and ventilated place.In shoes, more rotating the wearing a pair of shoes, is not only beneficial to prolong the life of shoes, increase wearing comfort, is more advantageous to the baby foot health, clean.