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The types of fluorine rubber mixing practice

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The types of fluorine rubber mixing practice

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  Various kinds of imported synthetic rubber, nitrileRubber mixing practice, hydrogenated nitrile rubber mixing rubber, silicone rubber mixing rubber seal products, fluorine silicone rubber mixing rubber, fluorine rubber mixing rubber, epdm rubber mixing rubber, acrylate rubber mixing rubber,
General rubber has two states, one is the raw rubber, is not to join any pure rubber packing, mixing, the need to another state is, mixing, mixing well, has been formula, packing and so on are made, according to the requirements to buy back sulfide can directly.
Fluorine rubber premix and mixed glue to call it, in fact is said mixing rubber, fluorine rubber formula design, after mixing.)Processing and formula.
Fluorine rubber blends rubber means has already been refilled rubber vulcanizing agent, also need to add carbon black, acid absorption agent, etc.Mixed gel refers to everything is ok, can be directly sulfide.
Fluorine rubber rubber mixing practice is containing fluorine atoms synthetic rubber, fluorine rubber has a high temperature resistant, oil resistant and the characteristics of a variety of chemical erosion resistance, is a modern aircraft, missile, rocket, cutting-edge science and technology are the indispensable material such as space travel.In recent years, as the automotive industry and continuous increase of requirements for reliability, security and so on, fluorine rubber in the automobile consumption is also growing fast.
Fluorine rubber (fluororubber) refers to the main chain or side chain of carbon atoms on the synthetic polymer elastomer containing fluorine atoms.The earliest fluorine rubber is developed for in 1948 the United States DuPont company of poly - 2 - fluoro - 1.3 - butadiene, styrene and copolymer of propylene, etc, but the performance is not better than chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber is outstanding, and expensive, no real industrial value.