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Fluorine rubber mix glue storage and maintenance

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Fluorine rubber mix glue storage and maintenance

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  fluorineRubber mixing practiceSeries of products have passed the packing form to avoid pollution and absorb moisture, in the use of the operating process in the future, shall be sealed after each processing, such as processing and stored properly, the mixing of rubber storage life can be more than 6 months, stored without refrigeration, but storage temperature should be below 30 ℃, excessive temperature can significantly accelerate the curing rate and reduce the coke burning resistance.Contact with sulfur will affect vulcanization system, cause air bubbles or reduce the curing speed, 0.25 sulphur even entirely prevent sulfide.
In front of the preform and the mold, should be on a clean mixing machine thermal refining.When cooking without a BoTong, rubber soft package after roll forming good to the piece.Just a piece of rubber do not overlap, can overlap place after cooling to room temperature.
Preforming: according to the mould and product requirements, type of film into the size, shape, and reset the consistent preforming, guard against all kinds of possible pollution in the process of preform.Then: fluorine rubber mixing adhesive series of mixing rubber oil seal rubber material is fully consider when making and metal skeleton and sex, the surface of the metal frame processing is needed, such as phosphate or sandblast.
Mold: mold had better be chrome plated or high hardness.Appropriate when moulded in spray mold release agent will get better demoulding effect, moulding temperature 160 ℃ ~ 190 ℃, moulding is commonly 3 ~ 7 minutes, depending on the thickness of the products.Note: it is recommended that process may be with the actual processing technology is different, you can be adjusted according to actual situation.
Sulfide: need to have secondary sulfide fluorine rubber products, so as to make it the best physical and chemical properties.Usually curing conditions of 230 ℃ @ 16 ~ 24 h, then, if the widget is and metal is recommended 200 ℃ @ 16 ~ 24 h, should have two period of curing oven blast device, to be able to maintain constant temperature, secondary vulcanization of volatiles in time.