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Smoke rubber shoes at the end of production

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Smoke rubber shoes at the end of production

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   Rubber shoes bottom smokeThe production of
Smoke rubber shoes are made of natural or synthetic rubber rubber obturator or opening foaming materials to lay a foundation of the fabric.In half a century ago, people will be a lot of this material is used in shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, very, labor insurance shoes soles.It has good elasticity, good tear resistance, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation properties.40 years ago, a large number of chemical products as raw materials (oil) open hole or closed-cell foam plastics used in shoes, while the performance is far superior than the bottom of the rubber foam, but the cost is low, and gradually replaced the foam rubber bottom.Now almost completely replaced.
Rubber shoes bottom smoke is added to the raw rubber material big butter, white oil, white carbon black, promoting agent, stabilizer, antioxidant agent, foaming agent, spindle oil, etc., through the open or closed type mixer mixing raw after pressed into pieces.Then put raw piece in curing (foam) and the mould, after curing press vulcanization, becomes a rubber foam sheet (obturator or opening rubber foam sheet), into the sole manufacturing process.
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