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Smoke rubber soled shoes are how to produce?

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Smoke rubber soled shoes are how to produce?

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  Natural rubber (smoke) aka (raw rubber), using the natural rubber raw materials for the sole, the whole process of making without sulfide, made with this materialRubber shoes bottom smokeWith low cost, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, damping characteristics.Almost all kinds of shoes are useful to (including children's shoes, women's shoes, men's shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, boots, etc.), the most famous brands have also been widely used to promote.At present domestic manufacturer of such products are not actually many, mostly rely on imported from abroad such sole, the high cost.Green huasheng rubber is a research and development, production, sales, rubber products, rubber shoes material smoke technology-based diversified enterprise, business scope has covers all rubber products industry chain in the most demand, is designed to provide clients with one-stop business service, for the most part and meet the diverse needs of customers, has become the world's first successful diversification type business model.Smoke with rubber soles for excellent properties, but also the result of its smoke piece of plastic raw material, have very strong elasticity, plasticity and good insulation, water gas, tensile and wear resistance and other characteristics, widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, traffic, transportation, machinery manufacturing, medicine and health care field and daily life, etc.