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How smoke rubber plastic

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How smoke rubber plastic

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  Smoke practice by mechanical stress, thermal plastic rubber shoes bottom, oxygen or join some methods such as chemical reagent, the raw rubber by strong elastic state into a soft, easy to machining process of the plastic state.Rubber shoes bottom smokePractice aims to reduce its elastic plastic, increase the plasticity, and get the appropriate liquidity, in order to meet the practice, the yan, mixed extrusion, molding, vulcanization and mucilage manufacture, sponge rubber, etc all kinds of machining process requirements.Good grasp of the appropriate practice plasticity model for rubber processing and product quality is very important.Under the premise of meeting the process requirement should as far as possible reduce the plasticity.With the emergence of constant viscosity rubber, low viscosity rubber and some rubber has don't need to practice and practice directly mixed model.In the rubber industry, the most commonly used plastic practice method has a mechanical model of training methods and chemical plastic training methods.The main equipment used in the mechanical model of training methods is the open practice practice glue applicator, closed machine and the plastic screw machine.Chemical plastic training methods is in the process of mechanical model practice of adding chemicals to improve the effect of model practice method.


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